This Little Piggy: The Broken Toe Story

This morning while icing my throbbing, buddy-taped toes, I drew this illustration of how my foot looked last night when I BROKE my toe. Admittedly, I’m not much of a visual artist, but… Continue reading

Life Lesson No. 4444

Strange Things Afoot in Atlanta

I’ve been in Atlanta for five years (gasp!), during which I’ve encountered some of the strangest people and situations. Yesterday may have landed in the Top 5 of my weird days. The highlights:… Continue reading

Twerk, Drop and Roll

Bwahahahahaha! I’m probably not supposed to laugh but I’ve watched this video about 15 times and I’m still hollering! Moral of the story: When you watch Miley on cable TV, you get bored.… Continue reading

5 Things I Learned From Housing Guests

I bid my last house guest farewell on Tuesday. Two of my nieces (ages 8 and 21) and my baby sister, had been in town visiting me for about two weeks. As much… Continue reading


On the off chance you’ve missed me or wondered “Where’s Saria?” you’ll be glad to know I’m still breathing. Just took a timeout to shift focus to other aspects of my life. I… Continue reading